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this is about an hour and 15 minutes. connacht. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> the best thing about my life is that i have wonderful friends and many of them are here. one of them is this brilliant individual and i don't mean that in the british sense but the american sense of the word, erick stackelbeck, who has written a groundbreaking book called "the brotherhood: america's next great enemy."
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i think this is the number one sold on and it is riveting to show how does organization has managed to infiltrate into various capitals throughout the western world and it has managed to come under the obama administration, metastasize and so without any further ado i would like to introduce you to a wonderful individual, erick stackelbeck. [applause]
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>> i want to thank you for hosting this event. i look at sera as a modern-day esther or deborah. such a time as this. thank you for having me here. if you write a book, you spend a year with that and say this book can put me through pack. but i think that people are reading it. it gets into detail about the main player in the arab spring, which i refers to as the islamist winter in the butt. the muslim brotherhood is done,
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out of power in egypt, we don't have to worry about them. this is the postmortem of history. it has been has the muslim brotherhood, the leaders were killed and imprisoned in the group was banned for decades. the headquarters was burned to the ground. completely suppress by the egyptian military. like the jihad event has come to refuse to die. so thank god it was only a year. but it appears the administration that is wistful, it seems like a monster.
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so this talks about the muslim brotherhood and what totalitarian fanatics they are. mohammed morsi and his minions chose to enforce sharia law,, persecuting christians and jews, they chose that over feeding their people. a lot of the people likely voted for mohammed morsi just a year ago. that tells us that egypt is a schizophrenic society. 2.5 massive resolutions in the span of just two years. in your stomach is grumbling, you will get out into the streets in protest.
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sharia law for one and all, whether you like it or not. but egypt right now, it's a serious thing. because his most influential populace arab nation and it may be on the brink of famine and starvation. so why us, you, we over here should care about what happens, they will not go quietly. the brotherhood, think about it, 84 years they waited and waited and they waited. they worked stealthily. they are aggressive against the west. it was about come to fruition. the restoration which we will
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talk about a moment. it was suddenly and violently wrenched away. has anyone in this room really believe that the muslim brotherhood is going to say, well, we give it a good shot and you know, we tried democracy and it didn't work out and give it a chance and we will be back next year. does anyone believe these guys are going to pull away quietly? remember the motto that it reads in part this is the muslim brotherhood's founding motto and i have to tell you that i have been studying this group for 12 years. in part and it's therecite sle. essence of this group. they believe that jihad is our
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way, not spiritual yoga, it is our way, our reason for being, dying, martyrdom, it's our highest hope. where i'm from they say it is what it is and that's what they are. it's who they are. when muslim other leaders stuck in the halls of the white house meeting with our leaders, they still live by this motto. they glorify murderers and mayhem even though wear expensive armani suits. you think they will go away quietly? we had a brotherhood spokesman
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who said we are willing to die for our cause in the last time there were some protests in cairo, it was on the anniversary of 9/11. the black flag of al qaeda was raised above it. mohammed morsi was strangely silent about that for a few days. i'm sure he was preoccupied until he was pressured by the obama administration. it's like, hey, guys, remember my infamous pirate speech in my administration personally requested that you be there. so now apparently want the brotherhood back and we are sending a message. the obama administration says they are banning the sale of f-16s in egyptian military.
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they're going to pull that deal off the table. heaven forbid the egyptian military says we don't want the muslim brotherhood involved in next government. that whole sharia thing didn't work out so well. the muslim brotherhood are moderates and in fact they were suits that speak in various moderate tones that are actually quite charming. i have traveled, have been in their homes and offices. i have been in their enclaves. i can tell you that these guys are good. they are bad, but they are good at what they do. the armani suits, the wavy hair,
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the designer eyeglasses support democracy. they will keep the peace treaty with the zionist entity. even the most moderate talking heads of the muslim brotherhood. if you are naïve, as a western leader were journalists, you really want to like them. they seem so reasonable. maybe we can use them as a counterweight to the really bad guys and al qaeda. they're not blowing anyone up. not yet. but actually they're palestinian wing is, which is hamas. they are just killing jews, so we don't have to worry about that, they think. even though they have also killed american citizens.
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our leaders see the brotherhood and they said we can work with these guys with all the right things. this is not nice and hot water so many ways. without the birth of the muslim brotherhood, there would be no war on terror right now. i know that that might shock some people and i say it without hesitation or reservation. granddaddy of them all and it comes to modern islamic terrorist groups. respond okay, they created hamas, and it's no coincidence that the man behind 9/11 from osama bin laden to the others,
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before they joined and formed al qaeda. guess which group they belong to a? the muslim brotherhood. ladies and gentlemen, i'm here to tell you that the muslim brotherhood is the gateway drug to islamic terrorism. if you want to understand this mayhem and why we are up against against the wall with the war on terror come along strangle him the existential struggle to judeo-christian, i'm sitting in the capital they do not like like to hear that into this at a premium. but that is what is going on. if you want to understand what we're up against, you have to understand this group. it started with them. it looked to be very politically incorrect and i have plenty of theological emma to back up their ideology matters of fact. so the founder is crestfallen
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and deflated that the group has collapsed. the caliphate. picture every muslim nation economically, politically, militarily, speaking with one strong voice against israel and america. controlling a good supply of the world's oil and perhaps if things keep regressing or regress in the way that they have been, the nuclear armed. i forget if iran wants to join the club. so this is what you have, and this is what you're looking at. that is why the muslim brotherhood was founded in their essence to revive this caliphate. it was a greek tragedy far and wide in 1924 not to get to in
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the weeds, but you need to know it's a bad thing and that's the bottom line. from the beginning i have interviewed his grandson and the apples are fall far from the tree. it is called a history of violence is stuck to the beginning, imploring the followers to sacrifice their lives. nothing is higher, nothing is greater than martyrdom. he ingrained this into the consciousness of his followers and started out with severn several people in the back room someplace in egypt so that it's been 20 years the most powerful
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and organized force in egypt. and the most radical from the beginning. you need to understand caliphate, absolutely. another vanguard and bedrock and the muslim brotherhood's ideology. not just the state of israel that the jewish people as a whole. every individual they would like to see eradicated how they throughout the past eight or nine decades have talked about eradicating the jews. i am not joking. he's probably the most influential islamic cleric in the world. spiritual leader.
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it is between all jews and all of them told they have judgment comes. it is not me saying this, it is yousef, the muslim brotherhood's most influential -- and it's also funny thing because it's in the book. people say they want to kill the jewish people and i believe them. and i take them at their word. hitler said the same thing.
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the muslim brotherhood collaborated with the not seize and the minions and were machines to extend the final solution our new friends in the middle east -- that the new outreach partner supposedly. they insisted in innovation and crushing of the fledgling state of israel in 1948. but even he was threatened and i quote him in the book.
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they wanted to share power until they can get full power, of course. they were crushed in the early 1950s. not before they were through with assassinating egyptian leaders and egyptian prime minister. causing a wave of terror and a campaign of terror and mayhem in egypt. by the way in the late 1930s and early 1940s, burning synagogues to the ground, harassing jews in the streets. publishing not the style anti-somatic propaganda. you may not know this but mohammed morsi join them for muslim brotherhood according to his wife, his better half, his suppose, he joined not in title or alexandria but here while he
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was a student at the university of southern california. but don't worry, don't get one, they're not here in america. [laughter] even though they are present in 80 countries around the world. that is the hub and it's a big setback. make no mistake. but this is a global movement that has staying power. why you should care about what happens over there in egypt right now is supposed to brotherhood does it go quietly in the islamist allies choose not to go quietly. here's a scenario for you to chew on. suppose the entrance of those they target the suez canal were oil passes through the middle east everyday on its way to europe. suppose they shut it down
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through an act of terror. what happens when you go to the pump everyday. what happens to the global economy. and they will feel it and all of a sudden the american people won't care what the name of ken kardashian's baby is sponsored by the muslim brotherhood by the sign and turned >> over the past year strangely enough it has increased. it did increase under mohammed morsi, just a coincidence, i'm sure. attacks launched out of sinai into israel. a regular basis now.
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but i think that they may not stand to take it. and folks, if there is a regional conflict in the field and if israel is forced to defend itself, because right now it's kind of like vice crushing israel in the middle. i know i'm a very fun guy, but i have to be honest with you. is this a time to mince words or be bold and tell the truth. [applause] you know? especially here in the u.s. capital. people need to hear it. i see three triggers in the middle east. i see egypt and the possibility of chaos on one hand i see al qaeda and the muslim brotherhood there and on the other hand i
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see syria and the shah regime and has blocked in iran. and i have to say that they are kiing each other. my impulse is to tell you is how at it, boys. horrible, horrific. people are killed. well, let's see how this all plays out. that is my impulse and i don't mean to sound heartless, but i care about american interests first. and i personally don't see an interest in intervening in a conflict between two hottest. it's my personal opinion. sort of educated, i guess. syria and egypt and iran. these are the three. if iran wants to activate hezbollah, and at every inch of
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the state state of israel, they are inclined to do so. if you think that things are going to be quite in the middle east, if you think this is going to go on a flare appearing there and we will get better and we will focus on peace, think again. before it gets better it is going to get worse. john kerry's foray into diplomacy notwithstanding. so the likes of the muslim brotherhood, we have to understand that they can't and they can't strike a peace treaty. it was captured on video three years ago calling jews the sons of apes and pigs, calling israel
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the zionist entity and saying that there could never be peace with israel. by the way in that same speech, and this was very overlooked, mohammed morsi talked about boycotting american goods. our friend. mohammed morsi, yeah. talking about the zionist and american enemies. that is how you and i are viewed by the muslim brotherhood. so it's very interesting that now we are going to cancel the sale of f-16s to egyptian military. the time we should've done that was the year that mohammed morsi was in power. i'm sure he wanted them just for deterrence essay. thank god your gathered here on
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capitol today. they got. we have to tell the truth. you have to speak about this. because the muslim brotherhood is here. and i'm not one you are trying to scare you about bogeymen under the table. a document or documents. wrap your head around this if you are listening or watching. our government has the muslim brotherhood strategic documents having the game plan. in 2004. about a 10 minute drive from were sitting right now, in virginia, just outside washington dc and this is his
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peaceful suburban home in northern virginia now, i know it sounds very james bond, but bear with me. in that basement our own fbi discovered 80 boxes of official documents it was written in arabic. when these documents were translated, it turns out that they provided the game plan for the muslim brotherhood in america. this was an explanatory memorandum and in it, and i quote, it said that the muslim brotherhood is here in america to destroy western civilization
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from within. by its own miserable hand. it was the final word. we are here to destroy western civilization from within. last time i checked america was the leader of american civilization for now. so in these strategic documents, 29 american muslim groups were leading american muslim groups. and it says that these are our friends in the organizations of our friends and these groups, this is not me saying it but the muslim brotherhood saying it cannot tell you one of those groups was called the islamic society of north america. and it's very intriguing as a group, i guess you could say. not getting to in the weeds, but
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this is a name you need to know. his father was a leader of the muslim brotherhood in sudan. it's kind of pushing the brotherhood agenda here in washington dc. by the way one of our favorite outreach partners for the u.s. government was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest trial in history. ..
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who said look, started out pretty moderate moss clear the air and worshiping and all of a sudden these muslim brotherhood guys came in and they are providing their ideology and they slowly, slowly muscled us out. more and more of their followers claim and all of a sudden it was a brotherhood mosque. i document in the book how this is one of the brotherhood's game plans for america. it's a three-pronged strategy and we know this again from their own documents. did i mention our government has these documents in its possession? yet instead of crushing this inherently anti-american group, opposed to every value we hold dear we have been embracing them and empowering them.
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why? in those documents with three-pronged strategy lays out number one immigration. demographic jihad. number two, proselytize. another way is the building of the up islamic centers from coast to coast in america. not every mosque is a terror hotbed. i know that many mosques in america and i document this in my book have been used sadly to launch terror attacks. and many mosques sadly, not all that many do have muslim brotherhood ideology running rampant in them. i have seen it with my own two eyes. i have been in mosques across this country and across europe. i have picked up the literature and stared at it. the works of leading muslim brotherhood thinkers and ideologues. hassan albani who we mentioned and another name we should know google google it because our government apparently has sent.
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he really in the modern day provided the framework for the endless jihad of al qaeda and its offshoots want today in what they are trying to carry out. every al qaeda leader worth his suicide belt basically points to society needs subnine as their inspiration. he was their chief propagandist and i talked the muslim brotherhood who say he was a great man but he lost his way again. when he was in prison he got radicalized. but brother sayyid you have to take his writings in context. the ones who want to wage perpetual jihad until islam reigns supreme over the world? taking it back to the mosques in america have been on the ground
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and muslim brotherhood enclaves from coast to coast and i have to tell you it's a funny thing. actually it's a horrible thing, to go to a place like nashville tennessee the buckle of the bible belt and see muslim brotherhood linked groups, concrete links. i document it in the. to see these characters building a multi-million dollar mega-mosque across 15 acres of land. that's out of nashville tennessee? but imam i said to them there's only 120 muslim families in this whole town. why do you need a 15-acre multi-million dollar mega-mosque? he just smiled and he said well we have growing needs for the community. imam. i talk about this encounter in the book. where's the money coming from? it's all locally raised my friend. have a nice day. now, i was there friday prayers at this mosque and i have to
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tell you i saw cap drivers students. i hate to be judgmental. it didn't seem like the most affluent bunch per se and a 15-acre mega-mosque. it's kind of expensive and i know cabbies in d.c. you work hard and i caught one at the capitol. that's a lot of money. where's it coming from? i will give you an idea. saudi arabia. and i document in the book people have testified here on capitol hill that according to some estimates as many as 70% of american mosques have some kind of saudi funding behind them. it's very interesting because 30 years that brotherhood and the saudi's have had an unholy alliance of sorts and here's how it works. the saudis provided their petro dollars divided the money and they built mosques and madrasahs islamic schools radical mosques
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where local schools throughout europe and throughout the united states for decades. billions of their petro dollars. now of course you can't go to church or a synagogue in saudi arabia. he can't bring a bible and you can't wear a cross or star of david around your neck but told any mosque you want anywhere you want. it's very equal 50/50 relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia. because of the oil and they are using those petro dollars to build radical mosques into a staffing these radical mosques in europe and america? surprise surprise, the muslim brotherhood. the saudis provided the money and the brotherhood provided the imam's and the ideology and apparently the anti-semitic anti-american ideology and i'm sorry israel's enemies and america's enemies are one and the same. israel and these jihad is to
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feel if you are just thinking it's israel's problem we don't need to worry about it. if you are thinking that, think again because islamist jihad is ideology whether jihad to store 78 israel is only a little state. israel is a bump in the road to that great city, us. we have a bulls-eye on her back if anyone sitting here believes that if god forbid israel was wiped off the map do you really think that the brotherhood or iran or whoever would say all right the zionists are gone we can pack up our bags and go home now? we will leave american leave alone. they won't. israel is the canary in coal mine. as a matter of fact it's the first line of defense for western civilization. israel's enemies are america's enemies like it or not.
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and if israel becomes embroiled in a regional war and is forced to defend itself against existential threats guess who also will be most likely click a css kindred spirits, one in the same. personally i kind of like that but a lot of people don't and i kind of like that because israel is a passionate democracy. the one country in the middle east that's tasked to grow a american. i think it might be a good idea to stand with those folks. so this is the situation we have in the brotherhood. sarah, how much time do i have? five minutes? that's fine. that would be great. i am surprised everyone is not mortified in their seats by now with this talk but the enclave effect which i talk about and i will wrap it up, talking about
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mosques and in the book i call the mosques enclaves victory because that is how they view it. and mosque building from coast to coast as a crucial part of the muslim brotherhood strategy. the muslim brotherhood strategy. not every muslim but the muslim brotherhood like it or not to wear the most influential organization not only in egypt but i'm an american as well. they have muscled their way to the forefront and they have intimidated any opposition. there is a reason that in the year 2000 there were 1200 mosques in america. by 2011 there were over 2100 mosques so in the span of a little more than a decade the number of mosques in america doubled. since 9/11 by the way. now when i look at the muslim brotherhood strategic documents and it calls for an increase in mosque building in america as part of their strategy they call and i quote mosques islamic centers the axis of their
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movement where battalions are supplied. they compare mosques to ap hides the center of activity for the brotherhood and its followers. and first comes the mosques and then comes the enclave. they use the mosque and the saudi's as a beachhead for radical islam. now it could be a neighborhood like outside of nashville where there is a miniscule muslim population but they will build a mosque in folks if you build it they will come. they built a mega-mosque. all of a sudden the locals say chico there a few polish immigrants and a few irishmen. i saw some from brooklyn as well in a neighborhood called sheepshead bay where he multi-million dollar mosque was built smack dab in the middle of a residential street. holocaust survivors and the
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group behind this mosque. a number -- another member the muslim-american society who not to get too sidetracked but all you basically need to know is that our federal government, federal prosecutors have named this group quote field for arm of the muslim brotherhood in america. and guess what? they are building mosques across america. our government knows they are the brotherhood and their own federal government and the department of justice under erick holder is intervening in these mosque cases around the country. locals say hey hamm wait a minute. these guys are radical and they make comments about jews and about america don't think we want this mosque built. the department justice directly intervenes in dozens of cases and i talk about in the book. the atomic administrations is directing dozens of cases and ran these radical mosques
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through. the foxes guarding the henhouse and i go back to mohammed majihd who i mentioned earlier. mohammed majihd is a guy who last year at a white house i believe it was a ramadan event. funny thing i looked at the guest list and i looked at the video of the event and mohammed majihd is sitting in the front row in front of president obama. president obama standing at the podium and mohammed majihd has affronted center seat. even worse for our country and our national security mohammed majihd and another of these muslim brotherhood connected -- majihd is on a counter violent extremism group. countering violent extremism working group were mohammed majihd has a direct pipeline -- pipeline to the homeland security and that he is advising
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them on their middle east policies. you wonder why our counterterrorism and middle east policies are an absolute shambles that favor the muslim brotherhood. and you heard the term the fox guarding the henhouse. i've got to tell you and i know i've got to wrap up and i thank you for listening to me today. real quick we are up against a folks. i am not an alarmist. i have lived and breathed this stuff for 12 years. i've been on the ground. i have been in their mosques. i have been in the enclaves. i've listened to them. isn't that a crazy thought that journalists getting on the ground and actually seeking them out to get it from the horses mouth? instead of sitting in an air-conditioned think-tank in d.c.? they are peaceful, they are moderate. let me tell you we are up against them. the muslim brotherhood is here. their own documents say they are so what are we going to do?
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real quick i have two recommendations before you sit down. number one brand of this group, not brand them, make this group. john kerry efferent at the state department can surely do this. a designated foreign terrorist organization just like al qaeda and just like the brotherhood's palestinian branch in hamas. designate them a terrorist organization. they are the the modern godfathers of islamic terrorism. no brotherhood, no 9/11. number two the copper brotherhood groups in america. isna etc. shut them down. that's very harsh i know but freedom of speech to me when it extends to the group that is subversive with terror ties to groups that hate america and want to destroy this country. when that's the case i think we might have a problem. i don't like the fifth column.
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we had it in the cold war with soviet agents here. that was also alarmism. they weren't here. well, that we have islamist agents with influence here. so i thank you and i hope you read the book and god bless you. thank you. a positive >> there that's a great question. it's an arabic word in english that means deception. the muslim brotherhood, it's really the essence of there
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being. in short you are allowed to lie to the infidels that the non-muslim to the unbeliever. unbeliever. you are allowed to lie to advance the cause of islam. that is where the suits and ties that discuss come in the western education the moderate towns. its subversion. it's actually a genius strategy. they employ it in the new iranian president through on a piece peace in our time period he is our man. they will give up their nuclear weapons program. tequila is a shia around the thing originally. so it's really quite genius because we are so naïve. and i say that with all affection to her leadership. they are so naïve and we fail the first rule of war, know your enemy. they know what's inside and out and they know our weaknesses.
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the muslim brotherhood remember this the muslim brotherhood and al qaeda a different tactics yes but the endgame is the same. sharia law for one and all and the return of that pesky caliphate. that is what they want. tactically differences. i believe the brotherhood has a much more effective strategy. they are winning elections across the middle east and north africa. they are advising our government. that's a winning strategy. >> my question is why not the curran? you talk about 9/11 no muslim brotherhood and no 9/11. what about -- there are many ways you could say that. by centuries the muslim brotherhood.
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>> the brotherhood at the end of the day is a totalitarian group. i think it's a seamless transition of nazism communism but i will say the brotherhood ideology the eye -- ideology of the martyr and is anti-semitism is in the koran. it's in islam's cortex. the brother did not created out of thin air. the radicalization process goes to the muslim brotherhood and i will give an example. the boston bomber attended a muslim controlled mosque. how do we know is controlled by the muslim brotherhood click the muslim society. the muslim-american society our own government called it feel for arm of the muslim brotherhood in america. they control this mosque. the brotherhood and its funny you asked that because i have koran verses in my book.
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anti-anti-semitic and pro-jihad versus because as you said the brotherhood didn't created out of thin air and a make a point and i said earlier my talk there is print -- plenty of theological mo behind it but when it comes to gateway look when you have a young -- i've seen that so many times in my work you have a young muslim in america or europe and maybe they have never read the koran and they turn up at the mosque and they come under the sway of the charismatic brotherhood imam. that's the gateway and that is where the trek towards violence continues. or it begins i should say. i've i don't know that the boston bombers radicalized at that mosque but i think it might be worth digging into considering the muslim brotherhood's history of violence and radicalism. i will talley the gateway drug. every al qaeda member, every islamic jihad is d.c. today on the streets, the brotherhood's writings teachings and ideology have been ingrained in their heads and that is why a call at
8:20 pm
the gateway. >> dimension david gathered an army. how do you spell it collects. >> can i talk the bible here in washington d.c. cliques is that okay? i can talk about the god of abraham isaac and jacob? in it applies to you today if you are here. king david one of my favorite figures in the bible and one of our favorite figures in the bible had a group of elite advisers and unique men around him and he called them the sons of issachar. the bible says they new the science and they knew the times and they knew what to do about it so we need today a similar gathering. i believe the men and women of issachar pinup assigned to know the times and know what to do about it and are prepared to take action people didn't speak out. i am telling you you're not
8:21 pm
going to win any friends talking about this. this is not a popularity contest. five years ago folks i could say you know what, i don't work for cnn and i don't work for bbc and "msnbc." and all the cocktail parties i will there will be an honored guest. truth matters and why am i here? why did god and i will say that word again, so why did god put me in this position to give me the guy from philadelphia at platform for some reason? i had to use this thing for good, not for my own glory and good but for the good of this country and it's what god put me on this earth to do. it's not going to win me any popularity. [applause] i am very popular on al-jazeera i have heard. steve thank you so much for your clarity and i'm wondering could you tell us where the enclaves
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are? >> a great question. the enclave effect. the mega-mosque is built and a lot of times people living in the neighborhood say hey we don't like to call the prayer five times a day. all these women in burqas and men in islamic garb. i don't know if i feel comfortable here anymore. a little intolerant i know that people look at their mosque and say hey that imam has links to hamas. i don't know if i feel comfortable living here. people move out and muslims lived in. islam is move-in brotherhood types of event and all of a sudden you're polish irish jewish neighbors and and islamist enclave where prepared mega-mosque is in the center in their own words acting as the axis of jihad and there's a lot of buzzing around. the enclaves i have been in london brussels germany paris. i talk about in the book.
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we have enclaves in sweden where police are afraid to go. no go sounds. this is europe. it's also the goal here and if you say come on this is america. we will always be strong. the bricks at the same thing 10 years ago and now british soldiers are being beheaded in the streets by islamic jihad is in london. i've been in east and london in a neighborhood called tower hamlets where i looked at a building that said sharia court. come on end. you are having a marriage dispute? i wondered who wins the man or the woman. the sharia judges that they have their way they will one day be judged jury and executioner. again it's alarmism i know that there are some 80 sharia courts operating right now, adn great britain outside of british common law. british officials are aware it's
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going on. they decided to say hey you control your enclave and you control your area. we will but out. self segregating enclaves. self segregating. america was traditionally and muslims in this country have assimilated in large part but the way things are going we have a radicalization problem here i must add. we have had young american muslims dozens over the past three years alone arrested for plotting terror on american soil. where are they being radicalized? prison complex prison, mosques, schools. so, we might want to keep anionic. someone before the event a friend of mine here said sign my book a constant vigilance. it pretty much sums it up. constant vigilance.
8:25 pm
the. >> what shall we be doing to counter the implants of the muslim brotherhood? the first make clear that the muslim brotherhood is the enemy of american interests. know your enemy and make abundantly clear. i would treat the muslim brotherhood how we treat the iranian regime. actually the way we are treating them now in this administration. i take that back. make clear that the muslim brotherhood is the enemy of american interest. i would would have pulled the fg out from morsi and verbalized it, and verbalized it likely used to with iran. any forces around the world that are kept down or persecuted arrests by the muslim brotherhood in this country or overseas we should stand with. we should stand with christians. [applause]
8:26 pm
look, life was area for the cops under mubarak. under morsi it became intolerable and strangely enough now that morsi is gone the islamists are on the warpath and up blaming acclaiming the christians in egypt and the zionists are blaming the christians. christian priests are being killed in the streets and cyanide arrest in cairo and alexandria. it's a big problem. this is the cradle of christianity the birthplace of christianity and we are taking a pass. i have not heard of, officials speak out about this dilemma in the middle east. it started in iraq in 2003 with ancient christian community there which followed the ancient jewish community in iraq had to flee. he you know those jewish refugees and and a letter lesser code, some 1 million? we don't talk much about their right of return but it happened and now christians in the middle east are following the similar
8:27 pm
trajectory. it's not a good trajectory. stand against the muslim brotherhood to make clear the muslim brotherhood is dying in the way of allah and does not represent american interests. make it clear. i get behind egypt's military. they are about the only stabilizing force right now in the country. >> i remember when morsi first came into power. we continue to send aid in because the president said for the administration said that we have an application and we had a certain contract. we promised to send arms and so even if they we don't like the guys we still have to provide them with aid. now you're telling me that somehow the contract isn't so solid with marcie out and put mubarak he said it was ironclad. we owe them this military aid. it's amazing in one year. >> the muslim brotherhood. funding the democratic process.
8:28 pm
>> now that the muslim brotherhood is gone we have changed their minds and look, the obama administration says they want the brotherhood in fault in the political process. the main reason they are pulling the f-16s from the egyptian military is because the brotherhood has gotten the shaft. wrap your head around this. we are america the leader of the free world. we have effectively come down on the side of anti-democratic totalitarian in the middle east and north africa. their reason they have protested the rear square. ninth of egyptians in the street were waving signs of president obama calling them friends of the brotherhood friends of terror. that is serious doubt. is i said earlier its a schizophrenic society to begin with right now. i don't even know if they know what they want.
8:29 pm
they just voted morsi in a year ago and now he's gone. they voted in the islamists party a year and half ago. that's topsy-turvy. >> is your book talk about how we -- the transition was made from jews protecting people and how we went from bad and i ran about that annihilation of the sub 10? d. well i think the theological ammo, i'm going to say how it is. there are verses in the curran and muslims will show you yes these verses exist. one had the talks about the day of judgment and this is an hamas charter. the palestinian branch. in their founding charter their version of the constitution says the day of judgment will not
8:30 pm
come until allah or the trees cry out. there is a jewish behind this tree. come and kill him. it's kind of a short hop skip and a jump from there too lets wipe israel off the map in my opinion. the theological ammo is there. i work with a lot of moderate muslims. they don't want jihad and they don't want sharia and what they do is they say look i'm a cultural muslim and my family was muslim. i'm a secular muslim. god bless them. everything in the koran is for its time and place for the seventh century. it doesn't apply today and i wish that was the mainstream interpretation. i have to tell you credible polls show 10 to 15% of muslims around the world, about 160 million muslims that believe subscribe to the brotherhood of osama bin laden brandes islam.
8:31 pm
it is was a business i said earlier in the theological ammo is there. i hope the modern interpretation and i pray and i hope everyone in this room and watching at home prays that the moderate interpretation went south but i'm not optimistic because the brotherhood and there built by the gatekeepers not only in america but around the world and i think if there's going to be a reformation in islam i pray that it happens. it's going to be ugly and you will have to go to the carotid and the hadith do with a fine-toothed comb. i don't think islam is ready for that right now. see erick you talked about the obama administration pulling that aid because they thought it would be the muslim brotherhood were interjected into the political discussion and i want to call back something to you.
8:32 pm
if he was dissipate the world and they must be killed. there's a legitimate ruler and people must have been must obey and listen to them. that's youssef r. coward alley. that's a legitimate fact loss of given up being the case what is the probability that brotherhood is willing to accept any agreement click. >> that is a great question. think about it. the muslim brotherhood said okay we will do your democracy. we will do it. we will participate in free and fair elections now it's taken away from them. do you think the brotherhood is going to say democracy kind of blew up in our face the first time but let's try it again. no, they tried it once. it failed miserably. their dreams of making islam a sharia islamic state have been
8:33 pm
dashed. they are not going the democratic route because they are going to say if we win again you will take it away from us again. why should we do it again in the same thing will happen again. i believe the brotherhood is going to go back to the old ways and that is the subversive way. i pray it's not violence and a track record as i lay on the book in detail is that the violence is there. at the very least i believe they will go back to more shabbily subversive type precedence. we don't know yet. i don't think the brotherhood knows yet and it's interesting my friend raymond's transplant -- translated brotherhood documents about the brotherhood meeting. >> meeting in istanbul. there was a report on that. >> exactly an great work. this is muslim brotherhood leaders around the world including the west gathered in istanbul.
8:34 pm
in turkey and we didn't get a chance to discuss her to one and a turkish muslim brotherhood. there is a gathering in istanbul and one of his talents. with leaders from around the world. they visit the site daily. join groups like christians united for israel. these are great groups and the social media now it's never been easier. you can reach out and meet like-minded folks who have similar concerns. the last thing you need to do is you need to pray. i know that's a novel concept but i think it works. see the gentleman in the back row. see when you talk about the enclaves who are familiar i am sure with the mosque out of dulles.
8:35 pm
obama's sharia advisor. there's a man named david who is running for democrats in our curmudgeon and he was a member that musgrave is a congressman in northern virginia who support him. but do not believe that there are moderate muslims because they all have the koran. so if we want to start somewhere -- to. >> if they are following it to the t. all the violent verses many do but i've met many that don't and that's just a fact. i don't know david ramadan. >> it's a very difficult concept for americans to wrap their heads around. we came here because of religious freedom and we have to be very careful and there are people that go to the synagogue
8:36 pm
each week and they mumble their prayers and they don't understand what's being said so entrée much for us to distinguish between those that are radical and violent than those that are not because we really have got to appreciate what our founding fathers meant and we are not saying go and shut down every mosque. c. sierra and i have worked with thousands of muslims throughout the years and i would be lying to tell you that -- it's just not true for me to say every single muslim supports jihad. it's just not true. i'm a christian. christianity the twice a year people christmas and easter. there are muslims who are in a mosque once a year from it on my family's muslim. to say every single muslim is
8:37 pm
for violence and terrorism is not true. i have met thousands of muslims around the world. they are secular muslims who want to live and let live and raise their kids. we need to try and reach out to those folks and empower them wherever we can. >> millions of muslims to go to mosques regularly to pray five times a day so fast at ramadan and all the traditions of islam who are not jihad this. they do not believe in these things who simply pick and choose what they wish to emphasize. this is exactly -- many egyptians and arabs and muslims for decades and i can tell you that do did not cede that territory to the muslim extremists. do not give them grounds. [applause] >> a real expert on islam and
8:38 pm
hasn't lived in egypt. see you can't allow the brotherhood -- though there are muslims out there who don't want to be part of the brotherhood. i have met these people face to face who put their lives on line and in the book i asked an individual and met in tulsa oklahoma has a practicing muslim but he wrote an article condemning al qaeda in his local paper. he went into his mosque the next day he was chased out and physically threatened. call me crazy. i think we need to stand with that guy. i think we do. >> i thank you for all you do and i think a lot of us are concerned obviously with secretary kerry coming to israel may gain his sixth trip and it seems like we are at the verge. what he think the likelihood is of his administration in new york state in the region lacks how serious should we take this
8:39 pm
initiative lacks ti think they are very serious. they want to establish a palestinian state. that is without a doubt 100%. i think a lot of it depends on what the israeli government decides to do. i personally think the timing is not right. i don't think it's ever going to be right in my personal opinion. but especially now with the so-called arab spring. israel's borders drawn fire from syria to egypt to lebanon to gaza. israel is going to give up land? that's crazy and not only that let me say give up that land
8:40 pm
judea and samaria? everyone here owns a bible and everyone watching at home has a bible. page through your old testament and your new testament. the. before it came david david all of it enfolded in judaic and samaria. this is the land of abraham isaac and jacob the matriarchs and the patriarchs. king david as a matter fact his kingdom for the first seven years was in judea. i am not jewish but to mail if i am jewish i have a real connection with that land. if i'm israeli i have a real connection with atlanta and i'm a christian. i had a connection with that land because i believed in the bible i believe in abraham isaac david moses joshua. for israel to give up that land, the theological but i don't even need to go there because from a security secularist or strategic sampling i have been in judaic and samaria with tommy waller and stood on the mountains and samaria and guess what i saw a few miles from it?
8:41 pm
the ben gurion airport. if a palestinian state is established in my humble opinion the mosque the palestinian authority that brigade which is a wing of the moderate palestinian authority created by arafat they will take rockets and missiles and they will place them on those mountains and they will make a beeline for the ben gurion airport. from a security strategic perspective crazy. this is an issue i'm very passionate about is you can tell. i didn't mean to go off too much but for israel to get a judea and samaria at any point in history especially this point in history, that's crazy. [applause] inaudmack a teacher wanted to
8:42 pm
bring in a woman dressed in a burqa to teach karen. i'm mentioning this so we can address our members of congress because i thought it was a great approach. she said okay if they come in and they want to teach the koran then i want to come in. i have a jewish friend and i'm a christian and we want to come in and teach the bible and teach about praying the prayers of shabbat and the christian prayers. we can do that. she said why not? we have freedom of religion. if you're going to do when you must allow for us to come in and do the same. >> i think that's a great point you made and i have reported on this around the country. we have textbooks in this country public school textbooks. you would be alarmed by some of the things that are being taught about israel about islam and the history of islam.
8:43 pm
a book called the arab studies notebook. airport studies notebook reported on a few years ago. it was thankfully pulled from public schools but it taught that muslims accompanying columbus to america helped discover america and this public school students are learning this in public schools around the country. let's get serious. i mean so it's problematic to say the least. >> one of the most remarkable books i have ever read was written by -- -- there was an american journalist actually the less the united states because he considered it an oppressive society towards what he felt and he ended up moving to europe. long story short-handed up leaving amsterdam because he felt that muslims, the americans agree with me.
8:44 pm
over in europe they would probably kill me and i'm wondering has there have been any subsequent reporting about that and it was seen that would be something that the liberal community in the united states would jump upon but we don't see that. see i have a whole chapter in a book called occupy sharia. why the left helps the brotherhood. and people might say what? i have to tell you a document in the this unholy alliance that's developed between the hard-core left and hard-core islamists. strange bedfellows on the surface the left supports rights and abortion and multiculturalism. everything islam must -- islamists are murdering, killing them executing them so strange bedfellows in many ways. but there is a common foe and i
8:45 pm
call it occupy sharia because a document in the book the occupy wall street movement anarchist communist marxist socialist anti-american, the islamists from the iranian regime to the brotherhood hamas hezbollah the american islamist groups like care they were cheering for occupy wall street. it's amazing. i couldn't believe it in my research for the book. the supreme leader of iran was giving statements wholeheartedly between -- behind occupy wall street. wall street. am i to judge said i believe it was him who said we are the 99%. i said i think i'm onto something here. when you're writing a book you keep digging and you discover one thing and you go down another rabbit hole and the research took reasoning and what i found it nice that i'm going to research this. i couldn't believe it. i

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